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welcome to Dpointgroup learning center !

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This website is a concentration of the Dpointgroup company's savoir faire into tutorials in order to help you obtaining many competencies in various domains.

We propose you a wide selection of training about different informatic programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Pack, Photoshop, Premiere, In design, Google Adwords, and many more!

"Obtaining new competencies is always useful"

At Dpointgroup, we know the importance of knowledge about informatics, software, SEO and the social media. If you look at job offers for young graduated students, it appears that most companies are seeking for young people especially because they grew up in such a dynamic environment, and it is up to you to gain this advantage by learning with us !

Feel free to visit our different programs and to contact us for any question.

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2011-11-02 18:00:14
Visit our main Dpointgroup website !

Dpointgroup is a marketing company specialised in SEO and Social Media marketing, visit us ! ,

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2012-04-10 11:13:34
Ask for your Google Drive Access!

Ask for your Google Drive Access! Road Maps, PDF manuals, Video Tutorials, Documents Tutorials, tasks to learn by doing, all custom made for dpointgroup! ,

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